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Cinnamon at six months

Raspberry the goat became quite skinny and stressed after the untimely death of her half-sister Lavender, so when a neighbour kindly offered a baby wild goat I jumped at the chance. And several weeks later Darren arrived at the door to say an orphan kid had been found in the nearby mountains.

 Approximately two weeks old when found, the wee goat is totally cute. He is a soft cinnamon colour with white face and a thick white crest running down his back. He has mis-matched ears, one pointing straight up, the other stuck out at a jaunty angle. Cinnamon has two bottles of milk formula a day, though he seems to believe he requires more. He now thinks I’m his mother and he follows me everywhere, trying to suck on my clothing and fingers. He has settled in well to life at Falling Leaves, with guests taking great delight (and lots of photos) when feeding him his bottle. Raspberry, who can be quite territorial, mainly ignores him so far which is kinder than the butting treatment I thought she might offer.

 Initially I had Cinnamon in a separate pen to protect him from Raspberry but at the tiny age of three weeks he was jumping over the sides which were two to three times his height. I then put a roof across the top but when Raspberry looked like she was going to jump onto the structure I removed the entire fencing. The two of them are now free to roam where they please in the lower paddock. One day the perfect pup, Badge,  and I returned from a full day’s outing to find Cinnamon curled up asleep at the front door, waiting for us. Thankfully he hasn’t escaped from his paddock since.

 Late afternoons Badge and I usually take the two goats through the end gate and the four of us take a stroll along the banks of the Cardrona River, the goats stopping to munch on the greenery while Badge races away after the rabbits.

 On the days I spend time in the garden I bring Cinnamon up to join us and he trots around everywhere at my heels. Last week I mowed the lawns and I thought that would make him pause, but no, he wasn’t deterred by the lawn mower at all, he just followed right along. I had to be very careful when reversing! He has now discovered that roses are tasty (well he seems to think they are anyway) and so his days of wandering freely around the garden are about to end.

 But already, at the tender age of five weeks, I can see that Cinnamon is a goat of immense character…


Update April 2010

Cinnamon continues to charm everyone as he begins to sprout horns and show his independence. While happy to skip around his paddock with Raspberry, he always welcomes a human cuddle whenever he gets the chance. He loves our walks down along the river… his favourite delicacies at the moment are the willow and poplar leaves as the trees begin their autumn molt.


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